Mahatma’s Projects

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There are many projects I work on for which I need your assistance:

We list the most important services that are needed below. If you would like to assist me in my service, then kindly contact the below said email address. However, if you don’t have particular skills in these areas, still contact us and we will can you engage you in other ways.

1. Proofreading
2. Editing
3. Writing
4. Research
5. Translation
6. Transcription of lectures
7. Audio editing
8. Video editing
9. Online marketing
10. Graphic arts
11. Illustration
12. Branding
13. Promotion
14. Web creation, development and/or maintenance
15. Business management/administration
16. Mentorship/Counseling
17. Fundraising
18. Donate

Please contact Yamuna devi dasi at to offer your services.