Mahatma’s Projects

Below are the many projects I work on:

1. To further the development and expansion of the Women of Bhakti film and tour (for more info go to WOMEN OF BHAKTI)

2. The development and marketing of a series of courses applying the Gita’s teachings to real world problems. Courses are tailored to both individuals and organizations (including corporations).

3. The production of four books: Living the Wisdom of Bhakti – Living as a spiritual practice;  Enlightened Warrior – The Bhagavad-gita’s 8 laws of success, Transformation Through Forgiveness – Making peace with your karma, Coming to Krsna Consciousness – What I Learned on the Path (a book about my coming to and life in Krsna consciousness).

4. The development of three online courses: The Japa Workshop, The Bhakti Experience, and Transformation Through Forgiveness (as well as accompanying free mini e-courses for each of the above).

5. The development of several websites and Facebook pages entirely dedicated to, and relevant for, people brand new to bhakti or Krsna consciousness, with each website geared to a particular demographic.

6. The upgrading of current websites to a more interactive, informative, and user-friendly format, and to facilitate the ease of downloading audio and video material.

7. The upgrading of existing workshops through better presentations materials and handouts, plus improved advertising materials.

8. The development of new workshops relevant to important challenges devotees face.

9. Producing hard copy and downloadable audio/video media of existing workshops and classes.

10. To expand our workshops around the world by training Bhakti Life presenters.

11. Establishing a Bhakti Life administrative office in Mayapura to run the Bhakti Life projects described above.

12. Producing a new music CD.

13. Developing free educational video’s for posting on YouTube on topics that are attractive to people looking for bhakti, especially topics that are either not well represented, or misrepresented, on YouTube and online in general.

14. Having regular India retreats for people attracted to bhakti but not very familiar with the practices and teachings of bhakti.

15. To travel regularly in order to deliver a variety of spiritual self-development seminars to devotees around the world.

16. To develop, promote and deliver workshops in the corporate world to teach them how to apply spiritual principles and practices to improving their lives and companies.

Projected budget for 2015: $80,000