Mahatma Das

Mahatma DasMahatma Prabhu has been serving ISKCON since 1969. He received first and second initiation from His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in Los Angeles, California, in 1970. He has served four times as temple president, and also as book distributor, sankirtana leader, college preaching director, membership director, and (Vrindavan Institute of Higher Education) VIHE teacher and co-director. He is also well known in ISKCON for his recorded music and his seminars.

Currently he is traveling 8 months a year to offer his seminars, inspire devotees, develop new preaching programs and help leaders develop a broader vision for their projects. He is also developing courses for people new to Krsna consciousness, both in person and online, developing websites for people new to Krsna consciousness, and is currently writing a book aimed at reaching a wider audience.

He founded the company Soul Tools last year to offer professionally produced workshops and counseling to individuals, organizations and corporations incorporating the principles of Krsna consciousness as they relate to achieving practical results in life and work. He also recently developed the Mantra Project as a way of getting large numbers of people to commit to daily Japa.

Amongst the seminars he does on different topics, each has its own special flavor. Japa Retreats, Forgiveness, Prayer, Humility, Male/Female relations are a few that have been transformational in helping devotees practically on the path of devotional life.

Similarly his music has played transformational role in the lives of many devotees. He recently released a new CD, Forever, available on itunes and a new music video here.