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Mahatma releases a new album “FOREVER”

The album FOREVER was started over ten years ago and is intended to touch the heart of both devotees and people in general.
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Welcome to Mahatma's Music

As I travel the world, people often ask me how they can get my music. To satisfy these requests, and to make my music easily available to everyone, I have developed the Mahatmas Music web site. This site enables you to download everything I have ever recorded (including previously unreleased recordings). You can also order physical CD’s on this site. Download the songs you want and donate what you can afford. Some albums are also available on cdbaby.

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Album Gallery

You will get to see all the albums I have created with the support of my friends here. Hope you will like it and benefit from it.
If you appreciate Mahatma’s music, please consider offering a donation for your downloads as it takes time and money to produce these CD’s.

Brahma Samhita

Live Recordings - Vol 1

Stay High Forever

Unreleased Studio Reco - Vol 1

Heart And Soul

Unreleased Studio Reco - Vol 2

Our Only Shelter

Higher Dimensions

Your Life Will Be Sublime

Songs for Krsna's Kids

Best of Mahatma Das

Everything Mahatma